Thursday, December 30, 2004

Settling in

Ah, to end from that wearisome nomadic feeling. What a trip. I'm here in my new office, coffee brewing in the kitchen, cable running up the hall from my bedroom to said office so that my cable modem can connect. Why?
Well, after 4 visits, a signed letter from my landlord, and me finally taking a hammer drill to the wall, I still don't have a jack in the wall of my office. I can't go into the cable company's lock box, and they can't do it without a work order. Oh the red tape.
How about the move itself? Well, Friday was an adventure of stairs and stacking... won't go any more into that. Saturday, got started 45 minutes later than we wanted, but ended up down here 4 hours later. Multiple stops to tie down the tarp on my fathers truck in a fruitless effort. Plus one 2 1/2 hour diversion in Lords Valley PA, to replace the tire on the moving truck.
A nice big spike, screw with a hex head, got lodged in the front right tire. Happily, there was a guy 1/2 mile down the road, who was in doing paperwork on Christmas day. He owns a scrapyard (with 38 cats) and happened to have a Ryder truck the same size as our Budget truck. Tires and rims were a match so after digging around for a hand jack, hiking into the far reaches of his property, and jacking the truck up, we had our wheel. Oh, $160 dollors were thrown in there too.
Was it all worth it? Well, this place is twice (literally) as big as our last place, it's first floor, I have a good sized office with a door, we have plenty of room, and it's quiet. I like it here. We both do, so we think we're gonna stay. And best of all, I've got Twizzlers!

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