Saturday, October 30, 2004

Just catching up

So, it's been a few days at least. Thought I'd feed you guys with a bit of info.

Of course, by now most know the Red Sox won the World Series. 86 years of waiting for Red Sox fans.

Casini has made it's closest fly by yet of Titan, Saturns most intriguing moon.

My wife and I celebrated our 2nd aniversary on Tuesday, the 26th. Next weekend we will go away.

In-laws were up last weekend, and we all had a good time hanging out and catching up.

Nill programming. An occasionaly tweek of the code or database, but it's running. There are improvements that could be made, but for another time. Now I am simply a data entry guy... It's nice to get back to basics once in a while.

So that's about it. First Saturday I've worked is today... don't want to, but really don't want to next weekend. So... here I am.

Anyway, TTYL

Monday, October 25, 2004

He's waited long enough.

Here's a gentleman who's waited long enough to see the Red Sox win a series. You go dude!

Go Sox!!!

Anybody who cares already knows the Sox are up 2 games to none in the Series. And now, for those that don't care, you know.

Currently I am doing a lot of customer support, production work, and documentation. Not a lot of coding...

As I said in earlier posts, I am trying to clean up my act. But, I am also trying to broaden my horizons. At home I downloaded mySql and SharpDevelop. I played with SD before, but never mySql. I'm hoping I can learn C# using SharpDevelop.

To learn it, I am going to try to develope an entire app using nothing but C# and mySql. However, I am leaning toward an encrypted xml based system for the app, to allow for catalogs of products to easily be updated from a central provider.

So, customers would install the software, sign up with the company (or be signed up), and then download the current catalog. The reason for software as opposed to a web based syste is the ammount of user interface. It's going to work with images, and I figured it would be better to offload the cycles from the server.

So, I'll work up the specs and maybe post them... of course I'll try to keep you informed. And as always, if you have a question about a project I am working on, let me know and I'll post the answer here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Dropped another weblog...

I try to keep my list of blogs to programming, or, in the case of friends, to those who remain such.

That is why I have dropped a particular blog from my list. This individual was not a friend, or even an acquaintance, and their blog had drifted on one to many occasions away from programming to the obscene.

Sorry for any offenses that site has given to any of my readers.

Red Sox 5, Yankees 4, and 14 innings!!!

Wow, what a nail biter... this is as close as it comes. It was my wife who called me in to say, 'Guess what! They're still playing.' Wow...

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

What are they trying to teach kids...

Saw an interesting article about a program called HIPSchools being used in some schools in New York. It allows for teachers to post information about students and homework on the internet for parents to be able to check. Here's a quote from the article, underlines mine:
"As a parent and a teacher it makes my life easy," she said. "With this program a parent can log in to see what homework (their student) has for the day." Mayers also said the flexibility of an online and a phone-based service means she can post homework assignments while driving and correspond with parents even while serving on jury duty.

I just thought it was funny that teachers may be posting homework while navigating rush hour traffic.

A new link

In my continuing, tho somewhat disjointed, efforts to continue to provide help to those browsing to my site, I have posted another link under technical blogs, Ben the Developer. This fella has a nice web log with some good information and seems to be right up our alley.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Okay Joel, I'll read 'em.

I'm gonna read Cussler too. I'm starting with Sea Hunters, cause it's the first one I found at the library. I'll look for the others now that I have the list.

Mediterranean Caper (1973)
Iceberg (1975)
Raise the Titanic (1976)
Mayday (1977)
Vixen 03 (1978)
Night Probe (1981)
Pacific Vortex (1983)
Deep Six (1984)
Cyclops (1986)
Treasure (1988)
Dragon (1990)
Sahara (1992)
Inca Gold (1994)
Shockwave (1996)
Currently Reading --> Sea Hunters (1996)
Flood Tide (1997)
Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt Revealed (1998)
Serpent - Numa Files (1999)
Atlantis Found (1999)
Blue Gold - Numa Files (2000)
Valhalla Rising (2001)
Fire Ice - Numa Files (2002)
The Sea Hunters II (2002)
White Death - Numa Files (2003)
Golden Buddha - Oregon Files (2003)
Trojan Odyssey (2003)
Lost City - Numa Files (2004)

--- Not Released Yet ---
Sacred Stone - Oregon Files (10/2004)
Black Wind (12/2004)

Friday, October 01, 2004

Hey, hey, 16k

For you PC nostalgics check out this flash.