Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An update! How quaint!

First, I've added a Facebook badge to this blog. (It's over there on the left with my picture.) For those of you that use Facebook, you can friend me. If you don't use Facebook, no rush... don't worry about it.

What's been happening? Well, we moved. Bought a house. Started getting it settled. Spring is coming, and so is yard work. It's about time, we're eager to get out in the fresh air after a winter of 'nesting'.

For the technical...
My linux server, running on an 800MHz CPU was finally dying. It seems that one-by-one all of my systems have been crashing lately. It's fine, it's good to start fresh again. I had another box somebody was getting rid of, with a faster AMD processor, and put the newest version of Ubuntu on it. It's already running.

But I moved my site, to my Windows server for the time being. I'm running WAMP (Windows Apache mySql PHP) on it. Wow! It was actually pretty easy, just copy the site folder over and set up the virtual server in Apache.

I'll try to post more here soon.