Friday, December 03, 2004

Continuing to try to understand

It seems there is much in life and in programming I do not understand.

I have this code:
typedef KPDCUInt8* KPDCPointer;

typedef enum
KPDCRed = 0, // Currently, RGB is all we got.
KPDCGreen = 1,
KPDCBlue = 2,

KPDCMaxNumComponents = 8 // The maximum number of components conceivable.
} KPDCColorComponents;

typedef struct

KPDCPointer componentPtr[KPDCMaxNumComponents];
// Array of pointers to the components,
// indexed by KPDCColorComponents.
} KPDCPixelLayout;

typedef enum
KPDC_CameraModelUnknown = 0,
KPDC_ProBackCamera = 0x4000,
KPDC_ProBack645 = 0x4001,

} KPDCModelCodes;

I want to do the same thing in VB .Net. I know how to do structures and enumerators. What I don't know is what to do about the pointer, and then what to do about the last enum mentioned (KPDCModelCodes). How do I get those values into VB.Net?

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