Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Now I know why I've done mostly Visual Basic

The people. The C++ people seem mean. Maybe I'm biased, I've only received replies from 1 guy. But hey, if the others are so nice, why don't they help.

I downloaded some C++ stuff (Visual C++ 6.0) and converted it to 2003. I go in and try to compile... Files are all over the place, nowhere to be found. So I have to go through all the includes, specify the paths... Then I compile again.

LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file '.\debug\KPDCLoader_Win.obj'

Hmm... Okay, it can't find that file. I can't find it either. Well, it's a Linker error, maybe there's a problem linking some files, the paths were all messed up.
So, I hit F1, and get this:

cannot open input file 'filename'

The linker could not find filename because it does not exist or the path was
not found.

A lot of help that was. So I go on to MSDN's newsgroups. I don't know any sites, or tutorials, all my C++ books are at home, maybe I'd find a friendly ally to help me out. Here is my first reply:
Put the blinking cursor in the 'Build' window on the error code and press
F1. The help should be quite informative.

Yeesh... Come to find out, one of the .c files the project had listed, wasn't in the correct folder, the path was invalid. But I didn't get a message for that, the linker skipped that, and tried to run the file it hadn't created. Fun, fun.

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