Friday, May 18, 2007


Ok, things have settled down. I hope my dad get's over his pneumonia soon, he's running out of things to do.

I updated the colors of links in the blog. I don't know if people could see them.

My GBPVR and MVP setup rocks. Here are some of the modules I've got running:
Of Course, so that I can record shows
We have basic cable, so we don't get the weather channel. This gives us local weather.
Plays all the stored music to our stereo.
We have Gigs worth of pics. Now we can slideshow them to our TV. They aren't even on the GBPVR server, they're on the Linux Server!
Web Music
Streaming radio stations, so I can listen to my CT stations from PA!
Caller ID
I can see who's calling when I'm in the middle of a movie so I don't have to get up and check.
I can see listings of what's playing at the local theaters.

All of this on our TV, with one remote!!! Sweet!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend relaxation and stress

We were down at Ocean City, MD this weekend. We walked the beach, despite the cold wind. Walked the boardwalk. Steph tried Go-Karts for the first time ever. Absolutely no computer work. YEAH!!! (We did bring the laptop for navigational purposes, but it didn't come out of the bag once we were there.)

Sunday I get a call from my brother:
'Your mom rushed dad into the emergency room this AM with chest pains. They said something about a pulminary embelism.'
'What hospital?', I asked.
'I don't know, Marsha got the call, I think Hartford.' (It ended up being Manchester.)

Thankfully, it's just Pneumonia and he's on antibiotics. (Thankfully just pneumonia? Sheesh, what a system.) He's taking it easy, letting things settle down. They checked everything else and he's fine otherwise. What a way to wind up our weekend! Hehe... I can laugh about it now tho.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Flickr, GBPVR, and such stuff

So, I'm setting up my Flickr site. Very cool. I posted a picture there, because I'm at work and couldn't put it on my server. I wanted to blog about the picture. (See next post.) Flickr had a very convenient 'Blog This' link when you were viewing the image. After a few more clicks to link my Flickr account with my blogger account, it worked! Very nice.

Speaking of things that just work. I finally got my Hauppagge MVP yesterday. I had already set up GBPVR on my PC, using a TV card with onboard MPEG2 encoding. I was inspired by this article. This allows me not only to record and watch TV shows, but play Streaming audio, view picture slideshows from images on my image server, and play my audio library (stored on my server) through my stereo system.

Internal Video Capture card: $45
Hauppauge MediaMVP: $89
Having your wife say marrying a geek is cool: Priceless

In other news, we just had to close our bank account because somebody is buying gas with our money in other parts of the state. CRAZY!!!

I would write more, but this system is slow using Visual Studio, SQL, and Lotus Notes at the same time.

Bad Braingle

Bad Braingle
Originally uploaded by mkenyon2.
It's just funny how automated advertisements seem to pop up at the worst times. Look at the riddle on the left, then read the ad on the right.

This is how I found it.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Numeric DataTypes, SQL to XML

For reference:

I'm working on an app where the datafield (in SQL) was set as a tinyint (-255 to 255). The typed dataset in the app used a byte (-128 to 128). Problems occured as the datafield received or needed to use values bigger than 128 or 255.

An unsigned byte would have gone from 0 to 255.

I'm updating both fields to do -32,768 to 32,767. This will be a smallint on the SQL side, and a Short on the dataset side.

I'd love to find a reference that translates SQL datatypes to dataset/xml datatypes. If you know of one, comment here.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Battle for a chimp to get 'person' status

Battle for a chimp to get 'person' status

In some ways, Hiasl is like any other Viennese: He indulges a weakness for pastry, likes to paint and enjoys chilling out by watching TV.

It's a crazy, mix-ed up, world. Animals should be taken care of regardless of status.