Friday, December 03, 2004


There's something I'm learning. There's water, and there's beer. You might have soda, or maybe fruit juice. But when it comes to most consumed, it's water or beer. Programmers, geeks, and techies are big fans of beers.

Take a look at my friend's site. This is a page on his site talking about some of his beer tours. The first one on the page is the New England area. I must say, however, if he comes through again, he may want to take a look at Long Trail. I am wondering at his opinion. He does mention a good Black and Tan recipe.

I hope to some day soon have the room and time to invest in brewing at home. Knowing several 'home brewers' has given me a desire to try it myself. That, and the fact that on a Sunday night, with nothing to do, and no 'cold ones' in my fridge, I cannot run to the store to purchase beer. Thanks Connecticut.

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