Friday, May 18, 2007


Ok, things have settled down. I hope my dad get's over his pneumonia soon, he's running out of things to do.

I updated the colors of links in the blog. I don't know if people could see them.

My GBPVR and MVP setup rocks. Here are some of the modules I've got running:
Of Course, so that I can record shows
We have basic cable, so we don't get the weather channel. This gives us local weather.
Plays all the stored music to our stereo.
We have Gigs worth of pics. Now we can slideshow them to our TV. They aren't even on the GBPVR server, they're on the Linux Server!
Web Music
Streaming radio stations, so I can listen to my CT stations from PA!
Caller ID
I can see who's calling when I'm in the middle of a movie so I don't have to get up and check.
I can see listings of what's playing at the local theaters.

All of this on our TV, with one remote!!! Sweet!


Jordan K said...

Wow that is really neat, I am impressed. Can I get some pics of that beast? Also for about $200 around what it cost you to make it, why not just get tivo....? Esp being a new customer usually it's free for the dvr box and they've been throwing in free dvd players lately. But hey what do i know..not much

M Kenyon said...

With TIVO, you're limited to only TV stuff, you can't do slideshows of your pictures, or play your stored music. PLUS there is a monthly subscription fee.

I have NO fee, other than $10 month for really basic cable.