Tuesday, September 07, 2010

We all want to be Happy...

There are different ways to be happy. I like to classify them in two ways:
Fun and Satisfaction

Fun is truly a roller coaster. It seems that for every up fun gives you there is a down. You have a party... you have to clean up when everybody goes home. Summer fun... fades to autumn.

Satisfaction comes from a job well done, a life well lived, and friends to share it with. It comes from a life full of purpose and accomplishment.

The world tells us that we evolved, and as such, the only time we have is now. This begets a life of 'fun', trying to get all you can while you can.

This is sad, since a life of satisfaction can be so much fuller. Many people have been discouraged by things such as religion when they see the hypocrisy that is so prevalent. And they're right to be upset. Most religions preach traditions that have no factual basis, and drift over time, offering no lasting foundation.

So, if satisfaction is so much better, how can we find it?
It may be time to look a little deeper into a subject many find uncomfortable:
Does the Universe Have a Purpose?