Wednesday, November 19, 2003

We're back from Florida!
When can I go back! It was wonderful! Warm weather, no rain, beaches, swimming in the ocean. (For those of you who don't know, I am a swimming freak. Dream trip: Scuba in the Caribbean!)

My cuz Nick is now married. Congrats to him and his wife.

So, as far as work goes, I got the go ahead to update our wedding site! Alright! I've been looking forward to this. Right now it's pretty basic, ASP classic. I'm gonna jazz it up with ASP .Net and improve the features of it. Upgraded the database to MSDE for better development efficiency. And I hope to introduce some new features.

So, let's see where this takes us.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Ciao'! Gotta put this in here:
Somebody built a lego Robot that solves the Rubix cube. Man, what will they think of next!

In other news, I have put my Windows service on hold for now, in lieu of digging deeper in to the DP2 (Kodak's Digital Production Software) API. It's language is KPL which is a C deriviative. This should prove useful in using some of their render engine's capabilities in our online forms. I found a hunk of code (well, an ASPX page with now HTML) that will pass an image from one address out as a stream. This is great for using images stored behind a firewall. I may eventually use this code to serve up other files that reside behind the firewall, but for now it returns a jpeg stream. So my image tag looks something like this:
<img src='thumb.aspx?Order=xxxxxx&Roll=xx&Frame=xxxx'>

Here's the page for that code:

Now I want to see how to pass more parameters so that I can change the images representation in some way, ie. rotation, size, position... we'll be working on that today.

BTW, if anybody knows Great Plains, I am looking for info. We have ver. 7.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Catching up on news, friends, and the world. Working on a thumbnail project now. Trying to see how I can get a JPG stream so that I can have dynamic JPGs on my site. Thumbnails of live images, to be exact, hiding behind my firewall.

In other news, for those that know me... I am still working on Italian. Trying to learn it as best I can. However, I was invited to learn Chinese. Hmm... well, there is a need here for that. We'll have to see.

I updated some of my links. I have a few friends (GASP) that have sites. Hope they don't mind my posting their links, but it seems that they are public. Let you know more later.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Okay, changed the template I was using. It Bluebird was koosed, though I want to go back to it. Some funky stuff going on with this BLOG today. I also added some other Tech BLOGs. Now that I'm getting used to these, it's going to be my morning paper. If only I could take it to the Cafe with me... But my Clie is koosed as well. Needs a new screen. Donations are welcome.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Okay, so today I resolved the issues with DataMatch Labs reports. Stupid really. I was setting the data adapter's query string after I loaded the table. That comes of quick fixes for un expected uses. Resolved some Web Forms issues, and have another. Getting info into DP2. So we will work on a DP2 script tomorrow.

Also worked some more on my Windows Service to get Montage into DP2. Learning a lot here.
Okay, now it is for real, this is what I shall do.

Today I will be working on DataMatch Lab. DataMatch Lab is the Lab end of the software I have written for the Photographic comunity. DataMatch is the Studio end.

DataMatch is an application in which you can enter Student/Subject information and then link that information to Order data. So for instance, you can Import a database of Students, print camera cards, and then after photographing the students enter in the Package information for each student very quickly. From within DataMatch you can send your order to us at Century Color via the web.

DataMatch Lab helps us to take those jobs, integrate them with the system, and print reports about your job, such as a total list of all the students that have ordered, or Package Labels so that we can correctly assign each student their package of pictures.

I will be working on some other projects today, but I should get to work... it looks like DataMatch Lab has compiled.
So this is Blogging?! I hope this is something that doesn't offend or bug you. But I guess I would like to be heard in the world. It's kinda cozy here.