Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Stinkin' computer thinks it knows better...

I was trying to run my clients only on RC5-72 equations, but they ended up doing some for another project. I had to go clean that up.

I just finished my third compile of kernel 2.6.11 and am now on to the fourth.

The first worked but no sound and no network. I found that 2.4.29 was using 486 optimizations, so I changed this build to use PII and no math emulation (since 486DX and newer chips have math coprocessor onboard).

For the second I copied the .config file from 2.4.29 and then had network in my list of configuration choices (when I ran 'make gconfig'), but it didn't get past 'Loading Linux-2.6.11...........'

The third recompile got past that, it got to 'BIOS data check successful' then the screen went black. Guess I koosed the command prompt video settings.

Now on to the fourth.

Sorry if this post has little detail. I had a nice long detailed post, but it got wiped out by blogger with an html error.

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