Friday, March 04, 2005

Rolling my own kernel

Going around online I was confronted with some PC peers who teased me about my old Linux kernel. (2.4.29 or something like that.) How was I supposed to know? I just installed the 'Latest' distrobution of Slackware, 10.1. I figured it had the 'Latest' kernel. Come to find out, the latest kernel (2.6.11) came out Wednesday. I'm gonna have to keep up on this stuff.

So what am I to do. Roll my own. Now, not my own kernel, but I am going to compile my own version of the kernel, choosing all the options I want for it and none of the ones I don't.

Now, I see the benefits of Linux. I can custom tailor the kernel, to include my drivers, and none of the ones I don't want. That has to be a performance benefit. Also, (I'm not compiling this, but will let it be a module) if I so choose, I can right to some of the cpus on the market! Wow! Boy, I could really do some damage...

Anyway, I'm doing my reading, posting my questions, and should be posting more info soon.

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