Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Inter-App communication

As in, two applications talking to one another. DataMatch had no cropping features, and it also had no way to get images from cameras. I began developing a while back an application that would recieve images from cameras.

So, this image is going to be a small utility that will capture from cameras, and crop images. I have set up 2 way communication, so that images captured from the camera can be entered into DataMatch, and images in DataMatch can be sent to this utility.

This is a good exercise for me, because we are looking to enlarge our software offering into a suite of programs. I will be able to share controls and libraries I've already created, it will really simplify the process.

In the Gran Turismo line of things, I'm up to 7 golds in the B class license tests. I'm working on the International B license, and I won my first car from the FF Car Challenge, a Honda Mugen Accord SIR-T.

Have a few issues with Linux still, but haven't had that much time. Got my service time up, have a talk tonight, and I may be giving a presentation on CSS in April.

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