Saturday, November 20, 2004

PHP, Chapter 2

So I just finished reading Chapter 2 and coding all the examples of PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites by Larry Ullman. I like the format of the book. For a coder, this gets me moving pretty quickly. And for all you PHP fans, I must say, I liked the explode/implode methods and the fact that I could address an array of check boxes right from the code. Perhaps VB has something like this. I know I am very under experienced when it comes to the string.format function.

I do hate having to use $_PAGE[''] to get to my variables, and have yet to figure out how to get PHP Designer to auto-complete that.

I'm going to have to post this book on my books page. I'll also have to link to that page on my side-bar. For now, if you want to see some books that have helped me, check out my books page on my geocities site. Follow the link on the right that says My Page.

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