Thursday, November 18, 2004

Current views...

I received a letter yesterday, from a company offering me a credit card. How nice. Nothing new really, happens all the time. But this one was different. This one had a dummy card, with it's raised numbers pressed against the envelope. What is more, somebody discovered this, and had rubbed the envelope in such a way that the numbers were visible to the outside world.

Now, this is not a real credit card mind you. And most real credit cards (or at least the 2 I've seen) come wrapped in paper so that it would not be possible to rub the numbers visible. But it just goes to show what people will try.

On programming... I'm waiting for my next .Net Developer's Journal. Haven't done too much PHP. And at work I'm trying to juice up some of the dynamic portion of the interface. Turning out a little tricky, since I can't devote consecutive time slots to it. I did install a PHP IDE at home... I'll blog on that when I get home.

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