Thursday, July 29, 2004

Back to new programmers

This post will have a little for everybody, so I hope you all stay tuned.

First of all, it looks like there is a column for new to .Net programmers that is also trying to focus on new programmers in general. This is great, and since I want to focus on that too, I'll be keeping a close tab on it. Here's the first article, Introducing The First Hit!. Here the author, F. Scott Barker takes a look at the all important choice of which language.

I use VB, and there is some controversy about it, but don't worry. You may find yourself switching back and forth for a while, depending on your project and what tutorials are available for what you want. The nice thing is, with .Net, language is simply a difference in syntax. What will you feel comfortable with.

Now, for those who've been in .Net for a while, I'm looking for your thoughts... ADO.Net.

Do you use Typed DataSets, or non-typed?

Do you bind a DataAdapter to a table and let fly with a CommandBuilder? Or do you build your DataAccess Components to work with Stored procedures?

If you use Stored Procedures, do you sometimes dump multiple tables into a dataset or always a separate Stored Proc for each table you will return?

And with Stored Procedures, do you have one stored procedure that will INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE from a table? Or do you keep those in separate procedures?

I'm just curious, and I hope I get some feedback. Pass this to your programming buddies. I broke 800 views, let's see if we can get 900 or 1k!!!

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