Monday, July 19, 2004

Another week, another batch of projects

I am switching between projects faster than I care to mention. PHB has overextended his programming staff (me) with more promises than he can fulfill. Who would think that one project moved up by 2 months would cause such chaos! (Umm... yes I do need to build those components to get it to talk to the database... No they weren't built, that was the next project you wanted.)
Anyway, just got a copy of the August MSDN magazine. Lotsa neat stuff, Dino and Carl Carl have some articles in there. There's a deeper article on Genetic Programming... we'll see about that one. And then I saw this.  A cruise for geeks. I'd heard of 'em, but never seen such a spread. Course, it starts at $1770 per person.
Another little tidbit, I just noticed some slick improvements here on for creating posts. Nice, rich, interface for us too cheap to host our own blog.
Anyway, my day is planned, and it's already late. TTYL and keep checking back.

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