Monday, January 30, 2006

Father-In-Law's status

Steve came through the surgery ok, although instead of the 2 tumors the doctors knew about, they pulled out 5 very penetrating tumors. Penetrating, meaning into the brain. While the cells were not cancerous, they were changing, so the doctors are going to treat him as if it is cancerous and start with intensive chemo therapy.

As for side effects, he is still pretty groggy. After his first surgery 1 1/2 years ago, his left leg did not function well, and never came back to 100%. After this current surgery, his right leg is not functioning, though his left leg is pretty close to where it was right before the surgery. (Less than 100%.)

Today (Monday) they hope to move him to another hospital, close to his doctor's office. This hospital has a rehab center that will start work on his leg. We're not sure when the chemo will start. We'll keep you posted with any major changes.

Also, the move went well. Thanks to the friends we had enough help to finish moving everything Friday, allowing us to be at the hospital Saturday. My office is set back up after some minor technical difficulties.

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