Friday, January 20, 2006

What a life!!!

If anybody tells you working from home is stress free, slap 'em. I'm going to tell you about my current life, and of course, Programming. You non programmers, listen it too. You'll enjoy it.

K, so this is Friday. My folks and grandmother are rolling in tonight, and my bro is coming in tomorrow. Sunday I have a public talk (45 minut bible lecture) on 'Evidence of God in the World Around Us'. This is my first talk of this length. Should be 70-90 people there.

Also, we are in the midst of moving. And I mean smack dab in the middle. Cookware to clothing is already half in the new place, and 80% of everything is in boxes somewhere. We are supposed to move in next Saturday the 28th. The new place is currently undergoing some needed renovations which our landlords are trying hard to finish. Kudos to them for their hard work, we really do apreciate it.

Next Wednesday, the 25th my sister-in-law and her husband will be flying in. They want to be here for Friday the 27th when my father-in-law has major brain surgery to remove 2 tumors.

Among all this issues is of course work. Last week, Monday and Tuesday, I was in CT for server and infrastructure upgrades. This was to be quick and painless, unloading some of the load from our aging web server and adding support for a possible second T1 line. It is now Friday of the 2nd week, 10 business days, since then. I just finished the last of the tweaking and setting up and at last our site seems to be back up.

Let's just say we went through quite a few re-installs of Operating systems, and Active Directory, as well as several reconfigurations of DNS addresses, IP addresses and network cabling. Finally ending with a surprise switch from Exchange 5.5 to an offsite hosting of e-mail.

While trying to manage with all of this, my office has been falling apart. First my filing cabinet drawer fell apart, spilling files all over the floor. Then my keyboard shelf fell off while I was in some critical phase of configuration, while the phone was ringing and my coffee was spilling.

The next day I started out with no internet connection to connect to work. This was fixed by rebooting everything, but later in the day, brown outs and power outages. Not one, but several. You can imagine how fun that was.

Well, my office is back together, other than all the stuff in boxes. I also just recieved my UPS, or Unineruptable Power Supply. This should keep me up through any minor power outages. The sites are all up. And best of all!!! OUR IT GUY IS OUT UNTIL WEDNESDAY!!!

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