Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Linux server is back up!!! Hooray!

Come to find out, I had a bad download of the Ubuntu 5.10 install iso. I downloaded it onto my linux box, and the md5 checked out, but then I put it on my windows box to burn it, and it must have gotten corrupted. So I downloaded it again, from the windows box, and the burn was fine.

So, I reinstalled last night, and today I'm restoring files and settings that were on the old system.

I have a 30Gb drive as my / partition, a 20Gb drive as a /fileshare partition (so my network can store stuff there), and a 6.5Gb drive as my /var partition, which holds my web files, so in the future, I won't be so messed up.

Check it out, if you notice anything wrong, please post your comments here. Thanks.

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