Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Buying your kid that costume he wanted: $100
Buying candy for the kids that come to your house: $60
Gas for driving your kid from house to house: $30

Me walking into the store the day after holloween and buying twice as much candy as your kid got for $10, priceless!

Some have said holloween is becoming the most expensive holiday. Others have said it is the biggest drinking holiday. Can you picture it, kids filling the streets after dark in dark costumes with more drunk drivers than any other night of the year.

I sit here with my 50% off candy, enjoying the fact that I never had to put up with all that.

On a programming note, I'm still looking to get Mono working on linux. If anybody out there has had success, please, drop me a line. I haven't really dug into it yet, but would like the chance to try it out.

My linux server seems to be running good. I never have to check it. Not only is it serving my website (ok, maybe it's only 20 people a day, peak, but it still doing it) but it's also running a client.

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