Monday, October 31, 2005

Posting my work at last

This past week I had need of posting SQL code on the web for it to be visible in a forum. I tried formatting it by hand. Being a long hunk of code, this was painstaking to say the least. So I figured, 'Why not right a tool!'. So I did.

You can download this little SQL to HTML converter from my new Files page here.

I hope to post more of my work in the future. If you have suggestions or fixes please post them here for now, or e-mail me.

Once again, on my home site. I've got the site running pretty good right now, with PHP includes to simplify page set up. I have a blank.php template that I use and just put my content in the middle. It's a beautiful thing. I'm using Bluefish 1.0 still. You can download Bluefish here.

My wife and I took a trip to Hawk Mountain this weekend. Got to see about 8 hawks or so, and had us a nice hike. Saw a couple of old plane. If I have time I'll post the best pics to my site. I got to use the Progressive capture feature of my new camera. (Minolta Z6) This allows to take a series of pictures, one after the other. It slows down when zoomed out, I believe due to the anti-shake having to work more. But I learned how to track an object to keep it in the frame while it's moving. Great fun.

Also saw Monster-In-Law this weekend. A funny movie.

C.O. MS meeting was great. A pretty good weekend overall.

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