Thursday, October 13, 2005

Canon SDK revisited

There has been ongoing and active development of wrappers for the Canon SDK, mostly for the CD version of the SDK. This version deals with much of the consumer grade cameras. I started some work on the RC side of this, the 'Pro'sumer section, targeted at professional photographers. I never realized that my application for a source forge project was accepted, but it was.

There are now two links to Canon development on my menu bar.

(I also removed the link to my geocities site. As far as I know, my home based website has not been down at all. None stop Ubuntu Linux, though I might upgrade to the latest release.)


bgkorn said...

Is the canonProj.Zip file on Yahoo Groups the starting point for VB .net control of Canon SLR cameras? I want to integrate simple release control of a EOS Rebel XT into an existing .NET project and would love to leverage existing work to get started. Thanks!

M Kenyon said...

It's a starting point, I guess, and you're welcome to work with it. All I ask is that you share any advances with me.

Anonymous said...

There's a new forum that's starting to take hold for Canon SDK support at: