Monday, August 23, 2004

This sound like fun?

The task:
1) Update your company's winform application to resolve data entry issues and to implement image thumbnails so that images can be linked with data. Migrate from a jet based database system to and msde based system. Create a new install application that will create an MSDE instance and allow for networked communications at your customer's locations. Create auto-update feature that will allow for database updates as well as application modifications.

2) Add features to the web site your company hosts for it's 3rd party customers so that said 3rd parties can place more complex orders with multiple pricing models. Create an OrderProcessing database to accept these more complex orders. Allow the site to have the apperance of your customer's website so that their customers do notice a great difference in look and feel.

3) Enhance the web site your customers use for there various functions to also use the new OrderProcessing database (instead of Access/Jet), so that orders can be better integrated.

4) Update the webservice your winform application uses to interface to your systems so that it works with the new OrderProcessing database (which needs to also talk to 3rd party production software as well as 3rd party business software)

Time Frame: 4 months
Programmers: 1 (plus 1 consultant)
Budget: What's that?

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