Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Remember BBS doors?


A post by Rory Blyth reminded me of the days of doors. He mentioned, and even posted a screen shot of, LoRD (Legend of the Red Dragon), an old BBS door. (Basically an online role playing game before the internet.)

I found an interview with Seth A. Robinson (aka. Seth Able). He created LoRD and a couple of other BBS doors. I then found his site. Looks like he's been a busy fella for only 28 years old.

I am wondering if he's gotten into .Net (I know he's done some Pocket PC and DirectX stuff) and if so, could Rory and Carl talk with him and maybe do a show about game development?

>> Here is the reply I got from Seth. Wow, he wrote me back! >>
I’ve never used C#. I’ve only used VB on a view projects, I’m not great with it. C++ is my fave!

Seth A. Robinson

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