Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Games, games, and more games...

Yea, I know, games aren't everything. But sometimes you just wanna have a little challenge to the cerebral cortex that involves non stressful, un-important stuff.

In an effort to provide this for you, I have provided a couple of links to some online multiplayer games.

Kigns of Chaos is a pretty good, text based, knights and swords kind of RPG.
Ferion Is a little different. It's a space based, some graphical interfaces, and a lot of thought. I like it, cause you can take it at your own pace, if you have to leave it for a while, you'll be okay, or you can be in there more often if you'ld like.

Take a look. If you use the links on my page I'll get points, so please do.

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