Friday, June 04, 2004

Not enough coffee in the world this morning

So, I have this problem working on We're adding in some new features, making the database more robust, and moving the data Access layer out of the code for the page and into an actual Data Access component. We've separated it into a project for the photographer's administration portion of the site, and a project for what the End User works with. Each project has it's own data access layer/component and they also share one data access component between them. (3 data access components)

I'm trying to put together the shopping cart. We have a cart details table with a line item for each product. Problem is, some photos have more than one product, and some products have more than one photo. I posted about it on Microsoft's newsgroups.

In other news, ever feel like you've been run over in a conversation. Somebody is so frustrated and distraught that they jump from issue to issue before you can comprehend the first one and in the end everything is a squashed, mangled, tangled, mess? 'Nuff said.

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