Thursday, February 12, 2004

Time to fix the PC
K, you may have heard about the scary stuff out there right now. Fix it! Here: Lose Mydoom and it's horde

That takes about 1 minute or less. Do it or you will (to quote a blogger) 'be spanked, long and hard, and preferably with a porcupine that's been coated in cyanide'.

Interesting tidbits on Rory's blog today BTW. Any of you new programmers who have chosen to let me help you my like to learn some of this stuff. Not really VB, but it is programming and it is interesting.

MCAD... well... I got through the first Assesment test. The only two chapters I don't seem to need help on are 8 (Working with Windows Controls) and 15 (Configuring and Securing Web Applications), both of which I want to read more on anyway.

My worst chapter? 16, Testing, Debugging, and Optimizing Web Applications. Hmm... no wonder stuff works so crappy for me. I gotta fix it, and make sure it's gonna work right, right? Well, I got 3 questions wrong on Chapter one, so I guess I got my work cut out for me.

I got 20 out of 43 right. Hmm... 46%. That won't do at all. K, time to go!

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