Wednesday, February 18, 2004

And back to DataMatch
But with training!!! Whohoooo! It feels good to know something. Don't feel quite so stupid anymore. I really did. You know, when you have a problem, and you know it must be something simple, but can't for the life of you figure out what it is!

Well... Dennis sat with me for 8 hours (plus an hour giving progress reports to the PHB) refining my databasing and teaching me better use of it in coding. I was embarrased to show him my Database. I have better ones, but this project is the oldest and therefore crummiest. It was Access, and very few relationships. (The Image Connection is running on a much better database, but not as good as what Dino helped me create.)

I got to give him a few ideas too it seemed, which felt pretty good. Ever have a database error and want to know what was in the parameters? Well, I had a method that walked the parameter collection and returned an HTML table with the parameters laid out. Dino took it and made a version that worked in WinForms and returned a string you could use in Query Analyzer (which I now feel more comfortable in).

So what did I learn? Refined database techniques, better skills with Visual Studio and MSDE tools, as well as some codeing procedures that simplify time coding. Also, I finally understand what to do for a Data Component. And I was shown real life n tiered architecture.

Cool thing is, is what I can do with it now. Like the data component. I can wrap that in a webservice, and viola! webservice data component... if need be. Lot's of things tucked away with.

Plus I found another N scaler!

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