Thursday, February 26, 2004

Another sticky problem

Please, comments are more than welcome.

I have 2 tables, SubjectData and Orders. Orders contains order information for each of the subjects in SubjectData.
However, in my win form, I want the user to navigate the Orders table, yet be able to view the SubjectData information. All of this will be shown in Textboxes.

Any ideas folks?

Also, I have a stored procedure question. Why does this give me errors:
SET @ParmDef = N'@FieldID int, @FieldActive bit, @Retain bit'

SELECT @SqlCmd = JobFieldUpdate FROM JobTypes WHERE JobTypeID = @JobTypeID
--@SqlCmd is a string representing the stored procedure name.

EXECUTE sp_executesql @SqlCmd, @ParmDef, @FieldID, @FieldActive, @Retain

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