Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our camping trip, or Surviving Hurricane Hanna!

Well, we got to promised land Thursday afternoon, and got right away setting up. All was well, we set up our tent, our food tent, and then my brother got there with his wife, and we helped them set up.

2AM, my wife’s brother and his wife got there, so I gave them the extension cord and fell back to sleep.

Friday was a beautiful day. The sun was out, and Chloe was having a good time.

We hadn't staked down our tents yet, so we took care of that. The ground there was especially hard, so our arms got tired. But we did it.

After that we decided to go for a bike ride and swimming.

Steph stayed at camp with Chloe.

It was 4 miles each way, and uphill both ways as well.

We made it home, got something to eat and did some fishing. Finally got back to camp, and toasted some marshmallows. Generally, a pretty good day.

Saturday started with no rain, so we had a nice breakfast.

And then the rains started.

Chloe did not like it.

We tried our best to keep dry.

Another joyous event of the trip, the power to the park went out, knocking out our power, and the bath-house power for several hours. Thankfully that came back.

Later, we took Chloe down to the bath-house to clean her up. Along the way, she discovered a toad. When we looked away, she tried for a taste. We saved the toad, and gave her a nice bath. We took her back to camp, and put her in the tent to keep her clean and dry. That’s when she found out that toads don’t agree with her. She was sick in the tent several times before we found it. So, it was a late night in the rain, cleaning up the tent and putting our gear away for the night. Yech.

And then, the wind started… rattling the tents, and making a generally loud noise.

Sunday was better. We made breakfast and packed up.

Chloe was even happy again.

We went fishing and everybody had a good time, even if Steph was the only one who caught a fish.

So, overall it was a good trip. We learned a lot, and look forward to making the next camping trip much easier, especially by avoiding any hurricanes.

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Belén said...

It feels great to take your pet on camping trip along with family.