Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend relaxation and stress

We were down at Ocean City, MD this weekend. We walked the beach, despite the cold wind. Walked the boardwalk. Steph tried Go-Karts for the first time ever. Absolutely no computer work. YEAH!!! (We did bring the laptop for navigational purposes, but it didn't come out of the bag once we were there.)

Sunday I get a call from my brother:
'Your mom rushed dad into the emergency room this AM with chest pains. They said something about a pulminary embelism.'
'What hospital?', I asked.
'I don't know, Marsha got the call, I think Hartford.' (It ended up being Manchester.)

Thankfully, it's just Pneumonia and he's on antibiotics. (Thankfully just pneumonia? Sheesh, what a system.) He's taking it easy, letting things settle down. They checked everything else and he's fine otherwise. What a way to wind up our weekend! Hehe... I can laugh about it now tho.

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