Friday, May 11, 2007

Flickr, GBPVR, and such stuff

So, I'm setting up my Flickr site. Very cool. I posted a picture there, because I'm at work and couldn't put it on my server. I wanted to blog about the picture. (See next post.) Flickr had a very convenient 'Blog This' link when you were viewing the image. After a few more clicks to link my Flickr account with my blogger account, it worked! Very nice.

Speaking of things that just work. I finally got my Hauppagge MVP yesterday. I had already set up GBPVR on my PC, using a TV card with onboard MPEG2 encoding. I was inspired by this article. This allows me not only to record and watch TV shows, but play Streaming audio, view picture slideshows from images on my image server, and play my audio library (stored on my server) through my stereo system.

Internal Video Capture card: $45
Hauppauge MediaMVP: $89
Having your wife say marrying a geek is cool: Priceless

In other news, we just had to close our bank account because somebody is buying gas with our money in other parts of the state. CRAZY!!!

I would write more, but this system is slow using Visual Studio, SQL, and Lotus Notes at the same time.

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Jordan K said...

I know. It was scary. I was on my way to go kayaking and I get this message. Everyone dropped everything on their way to the hospital...oh don't worry he's just got a virus that's going around. Man oh man.