Monday, July 24, 2006

When technology fails, life stinks

Never trust Microsoft to protect your Microsoft products. I had Windows Defender installed, which is supposed to block unwholesome software, it didn't. I was going through my e-mail, using (garbage pieace of #$%@#% crap) Outlook, with the preview window open. I right click on spam to mark it as junk mail, but of course, it loads it in the preview window. (When will you learn Kenyon!) Next thing I know, my AVG anti-virus is going berserk, and pop ups are loading all over the place.

AVG kept the infestation down to under 100. But I had to log in on a second account, because mine was so messed up. I ran an AVG full scan, and Windows Defender scan. But STILL had to load Spybot Search & Destroy to clean a couple things Defender couldn't. Needless to say, my work PC was down most of the AM.

Which brings me to my next point, Complete Wilderness Training! At first I thought, 'Hugh McManners? How could a name like that write this book?' But I tell ya, he was a life saver. He tells you how to find, prepare, and eat food when technology is not present. Although, he should add a section on how to de-scent a skunk. No matter, I'm fed, and alive. (No, I didn't eat skunk. Just a squirrel. But I did use this book while I had no technology to passify me.)

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