Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Update on my father-in-law

Yesterday, Tuesday, my father-in-law underwent Gamma Knife therapy for brain tumors. Some of you may know that he has had brain tumors for a few years now. He's had two surgeries, but the doctors say they cannot open his head any more. So they felt the Gamma Knife, focused, heavy doses of radiation, would be the next best thing.

It was an outpatient procedure, requiring his head to be put in a halo. The halo was attached around 6AM with local anesthetic. The procedure began about 4:30PM. He was awake the whole time. The doctors did an MRI in the morning to get precise measurements for the tumors and said that it did not seem that they had grown much, and that there were no new growths. We'll know in 3 months how this treatment worked, when he has his next checkup.

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