Thursday, August 04, 2005

A new step

Since many of my friends are musically inclined, in fact, many programmers, I've decided to join them. I've gotten a guitar. An electric guitar to be exact. Actually, it was given to me by my brother-in-law who is moving and is taking his acoustic guitar with him. He also gave me a small amp and a distortion peddle.

I used to take piano/keyboard lessons when I was a kid, and have always wanted to get more involved in learning an instrument. A free instrument was very opportune. I've had many folks show me how to play a few strings here and there, but without a guitar of my own, it was all for not. Now I can strum along to my hearts content, and my wife's discontent.

Back to programming, I don't remember if I mentioned here or not, but we've implemented a home grown Project Management system. Basically, you can post projects, and update the status of them. I built it from the ground up, database included, using examples I've seen online. My boss loves it. Guess that's what matters most.

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