Monday, October 25, 2004

Go Sox!!!

Anybody who cares already knows the Sox are up 2 games to none in the Series. And now, for those that don't care, you know.

Currently I am doing a lot of customer support, production work, and documentation. Not a lot of coding...

As I said in earlier posts, I am trying to clean up my act. But, I am also trying to broaden my horizons. At home I downloaded mySql and SharpDevelop. I played with SD before, but never mySql. I'm hoping I can learn C# using SharpDevelop.

To learn it, I am going to try to develope an entire app using nothing but C# and mySql. However, I am leaning toward an encrypted xml based system for the app, to allow for catalogs of products to easily be updated from a central provider.

So, customers would install the software, sign up with the company (or be signed up), and then download the current catalog. The reason for software as opposed to a web based syste is the ammount of user interface. It's going to work with images, and I figured it would be better to offload the cycles from the server.

So, I'll work up the specs and maybe post them... of course I'll try to keep you informed. And as always, if you have a question about a project I am working on, let me know and I'll post the answer here.

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