Thursday, May 06, 2004

Just need to let off some steam!

Try this for a little stress relief!

Also... I've been looking through some articles on Visual Studio 2005, ASP.NET 2.0, and the improvements to Visual Basic and C#. WOW!!! A lot of cool features. If you get a chance pick up the April edition of .Net Developer's Journal. It has a good interview with Chris Sells and a nice overview of some of the new features coming out.

This site is supposed to be dedicated to newbie coders, which I still consider myself one of. Lately tho I have been buried with work, and may be lacking in my posts. Forgive me... drop me a line with questions... and let me know what info you would want as a Newbie.

One piece of advice, learn proper Patterns and Practices quick! You can do something, or you can do it right. And doing it right the first time will save you headaches. Instead of scratching your head and starting over, you can just jump right in and make changes if you need to. You may think commenting and normalizing and learning how to do a stored procedure properly take too much time, but you really save time in the end.

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