Monday, December 08, 2003

So, we've had our first snow storm (Alec) and it was a doozy. Snowed in for two days. Saturday I didn't do much of anything, tho I did get my wife to try Kielbasa and cabbage. Sunday I was able to visit my bible study and go over some scriptures with him, so that was good. But I didn't do much else. Trying to fix my wife's stereo but that's another story.

On the work front, I am going to try to get a book on software project management. I gotta get myself together, I have 3 major projects (2 web apps and 1 windows app). I have one person working with me on the web apps and I gotta clean things up and put them in order so that it's easier to bring somebody else up to speed as well as having all my files in a logical order.

Friday and Today I've been cleaning up our main site ( codewise as it is about to get a major face lift. One nice thing about .Net is that I can do all the code behind the scenes and have our web designer do the front end. This is new as I use to do everything.

Haven't gotten to do much on the wedding site, but I have set up some documents as to what features are proposed, in progress, and completed for the 3 projects. These things are ongoing. Currently only the home site's new look and the overhaul of the wedding site are in progress. But version 3 of our software is going to be big.

Guess that's it for now. I wish I had a way to add commenting to this BLOG. I have to find a way to add a counter also.

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