Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Okay, now it is for real, this is what I shall do.

Today I will be working on DataMatch Lab. DataMatch Lab is the Lab end of the software I have written for the Photographic comunity. DataMatch is the Studio end.

DataMatch is an application in which you can enter Student/Subject information and then link that information to Order data. So for instance, you can Import a database of Students, print camera cards, and then after photographing the students enter in the Package information for each student very quickly. From within DataMatch you can send your order to us at Century Color via the web.

DataMatch Lab helps us to take those jobs, integrate them with the system, and print reports about your job, such as a total list of all the students that have ordered, or Package Labels so that we can correctly assign each student their package of pictures.

I will be working on some other projects today, but I should get to work... it looks like DataMatch Lab has compiled.

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