Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Ciao'! Gotta put this in here:
Somebody built a lego Robot that solves the Rubix cube. Man, what will they think of next!

In other news, I have put my Windows service on hold for now, in lieu of digging deeper in to the DP2 (Kodak's Digital Production Software) API. It's language is KPL which is a C deriviative. This should prove useful in using some of their render engine's capabilities in our online forms. I found a hunk of code (well, an ASPX page with now HTML) that will pass an image from one address out as a stream. This is great for using images stored behind a firewall. I may eventually use this code to serve up other files that reside behind the firewall, but for now it returns a jpeg stream. So my image tag looks something like this:
<img src='thumb.aspx?Order=xxxxxx&Roll=xx&Frame=xxxx'>

Here's the page for that code:

Now I want to see how to pass more parameters so that I can change the images representation in some way, ie. rotation, size, position... we'll be working on that today.

BTW, if anybody knows Great Plains, I am looking for info. We have ver. 7.

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