Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Travel tips and thoughts from Baltimore

So, some things NOT to do when you take your wife on a romantic getaway.

1) Don't take her to a grungy Burger King as your first meal on the way down.

2) After she's stressed about not getting a decent meal, DO NOT run over a defenseless squirrel while traveling at 75 miles an hour.

3) Do not let your wife unpack all your suitcases in your room and only then ask the front desk about the air conditioner that is crackling in the corner and has wires hanging out of it.

4) After you have re-packed your suitcases to go to the new room, and preferably BEFORE you lock the door of the old room, make sure your wife still has her wedding rings and other jewelry with her.

5) Do not let them give you a room that already has the inside dead-bolt locked, requiring you to wait 20 minutes in the hallway with all your luggage while you wait for the maintenance guy to let you in.

That was the first day.

After that things went well, and we had a good time. The aquarium was fun, Cheesecake factory food was great, and we have lot's of memories.

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Baylee said...

Very useful tips Kenyon. Thanks for sharing your travel experience.