Monday, January 14, 2008


This post was inspired by Jeff Atwood's comments, here.

I have 2 keychains. One has my keys and store cards. One has my thumb drive and led flashlight.

My main keychain (with the keys) has 2 car remotes, 2 car keys, 2 house keys (our front and back doors are different locks. Have to fix that.)
I also have 2 keys for a building I frequent, a key to my parents house, and 3 store cards and a gym membership card.

It's the remotes that make it so big... 1 of my house keys has a built in led light (Key Lights brand), great for finding the keyhole when you forget to turn on the porch lights.

I usually keep my big keychain in my coat in the fall-winter months, since it bulges in my pockets. I've actually been stabbed by some keys. I only keep my thumb drive key chain in my pocket.

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arkaoss said...

I am constantly re-inventing my Keychain. Where-as I used to not mind a big key chain, somewhere after dropping a key chain into a storm drain, I decided to go for the smallest keychain possible. Now I have kind of 2, and a seprable small ring with some key's. My Car key's between my wife & mine are too huge. I tried a Key-fob-led thing, but it was too big. So It's on a 2nd ring. I want to integrate some thing's into other key's. (I'll let you know how that works out.)