Monday, October 15, 2007

The problem with 'Find location by Zip code'

I live in an area where a zip code could be 30-45 minutes across. And I work in a different zip code than where I live. So let me lay out my problem.

Let's say I live in the western side of 'Town A'. Further west, we have 'Town B' where I work in the Eastern half.

If I do a search on my insurance company's site for doctors in the zip code of Town A, they may send me to a doctor in the eastern side of the town (remember, in this example, I live in the western side of the town.)

So, I drive 30-45 minutes WEST in the morning, to go to work. Then I have a doctors appointment, and have to drive maybe 1.5 hours (passing my house) to go to the doctor. That's just silly.

So, let's say I punch in the zip code for 'Town B', where I work, and they send me to the Western side of town. Here I'm working in the eastern side, so again it's all the way accross town. A 1.5 hour round trip.

Could I put in 2 addresses, and let our slaves of a computer figure out what doctors are in network (another issue) and on my route home.