Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Remote Control your PC easily, and FOR FREE!!

I've been trying this today:

I can remotely connect to the PC I have set up as a client, and do whatever I need. Currently I'm connecting to my big Windows XP system at home. But on that system, I have a VNC connection to my linux box. So I'm able to configure things on my site, or just do some work on my server.

Even going 3 PCs deep (Local to client, client VNC'd to linux) was adequate to work with. Don't expect to watch video played on the client, but that's a given.

The only problem I've seen so far, and I'm not sure if it's a problem or user error, is remotely rebooting my PC. I told my client to reboot for some windows updates that had run, and now I can't get in. But other than that, it was quick and worked well.

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Joeys said...

I also use a remote tool called Teamviewer, it is free to use and you can also acess every machine worldwide to work on it. You can let it run in HostMode, as a service and by that you are able to log on to that machine 24/7. A reboot is also no problem. Just try it out!