Thursday, October 19, 2006

More Cussler

I finally finished Pacific Vortex. This was the original Dirk Pitt story, and you could tell Cussler was just getting started. However, it was a good story. He used pieces of this story throughout the Pitt series (even though it leaves some holes) and helps fill in details.

I also caught up in the past few months on a few other of the cussler books. You can keep track here:

In other news, did my second public talk Sunday, and it came out pretty good. Not perfect, but I'll never be perfect. I might change my outline a bit, but all-in-all, it came out good, and it's done. (Whew!)

C.O. visit this week, so things are keeping busy.

Work has been a nightmare! I lost track of all the things we've tried to get the site smoothed out. SQL errors, glitches, Internet providers shutting down on us. It seems like .Net 2.0 wasn't such a great idea. Too many new things to figure out, but oh well.

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