Friday, August 18, 2006

Time to vent!!!

Ok, here's a Pet Peeve post:

Me: What's on the screen?

User: Nothing.

Me: So, the screens black? Did the power go out?

User: No, there's stuff on the screen.

Me: What kind of stuff?

User: Icons, Start...

Me: So you can see the Desktop.

User: Yea, and there's a message.

Me: Did that just pop up or was it there when I asked what was on the screen?

User: It was there, I didn't know you wanted to know that.

Me: What does the message say?

User: Something about an error.

Me: Ok, I want to help you fix that error, but first I need to know exactly what the error message says.

User: Oh, it says that file xxxxxxx.yyy can't be found.

Me: Ok, I will send a copy of that file. Just to speed things along, can you read me any messages or errors that pop up, especially if I ask, 'What's on the screen.'

User: Why do I have to do everything?!

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