Thursday, June 15, 2006

Real Theocratic Heros!

This was too funny not to post. An ode to Mr. Really Long Comment Giver. (Link no longer available.)

If you have trouble, try here:
Link No Longer Available

Edit (8/22/2007): My link is no longer available, so I took the links out.
Edit (5/20/2008): This was not done by me. I had heard it, posted about it, and since removed the link and lost the file. I do not know who made it, or where you can get it or any like it. Sorry.


phil singleton said...

hi, have heard the one about the comment giver and the bad mic attendent, is there any more if so can you let me know where.the link to mark phillk's page wont load. many thanks phil. my email is:

Anonymous said...

I love your song do have anymore?

Anonymous said...

Try this link:

it has all three of the ones I've heard.