Friday, May 26, 2006

Armless driver 'had foot to floor'

Check it out here

Let's see, in other news... we're doing good. Steff's got a bible study. Had instruction talk and then we did a demo. Harmon family reunion this weekend. That's Steff's family. Week after her parents will be in a band having a gig. Week after that is the District convention. Week after that my buddy Jerry is getting married.

So, I'll try to keep us all posted.

For code stuff, work decided to update the look of the entire site. Well, the web guy they have was doing it in dreamweaver. I really held out for ASP.Net 2.0 master pages, and was allowed to do that for the forms. It's tricky... all the code had to be cleaned up, because 2.0 is stricter. So, now my boss is asking, 'Why'd we do that?'

It'll be better, I'm sure.

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