Monday, April 03, 2006

More code, and more to come

I'm continuing to work on my Lit Tracker program... and it's coming along nicely. Hopefully we'll have some screen shots soon, and maybe even some beta testers.

In searching for solutions to problems, I saw that DataBinding to multiple listboxes with Data Relations was lacking. (There were multiple articles abound binding a listbox to a datagrid with relations.) So, in an effort to help, I wrote a guide to multiple listbox binding.

You'll see on that link, I have code, formatted to look a little more readable on the web. I have a page about the app I used. (Which I also created.)

I recieved a bunch of e-mail about the programs I'm working on... so I will try to keep up on them. I'm currently working on Inventory tracking in the Literature program.

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